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Comprehensive management consultancy for innovations in the healthcare sector.
We offer an incomparable combination of Technology consulting, innovation management, business model development.
We support you in mastering new challenges with our many years of experience, expertise, and our unique network in business, politics, and science.
Together with you, we develop innovative products and services for long-term satisfied clients and patients.
Future orientated
We advise you on the digital transformation
of your business processes.
We inform you about new medical policy regulations
and the opportunities of new business models.
Increasing economic value in line with ethical ideals.
The team of experts at CWw Consulting, headquartered in Berlin, specializes in consulting services in the healthcare sector. The core of our work lies in the provision of permission-free services in the medical field, which create added value for the pharmaceutical industry as well as for both doctors and patients. Healthcare is a dynamic industry with many opportunities, but also a labyrinth of cost controls and regulations. The great demand for all kinds of health services, due to the aging population and the associated increase in chronic diseases, requires modern concepts for patients and the pharmaceutical industry.

The development of innovative business models for the benefit of the companies and patients is the challenge that drives us. We cover all facets of patient support programs, from business-model development to advice on digitization strategies and the implementation of new technologies.

Our strength lies above all in our many years of expertise and our unique network of experts in the healthcare sector.

Mission statement

Radical changes in society and the economy, new structural reforms and the rapid development of digital technologies mean that many stakeholders in the health system are at a crossroads in their development.

CWw Consulting enables 360° consulting for value-based medicine along the entire healthcare value chain. Our goal is to increase the profitability of all stakeholders involved in the healthcare industry, while at the same time improving the performance of the healthcare system to the benefit of patients.

We stand for sustainable, emotional, and creative implementation of new, patient-focused innovations. We face the challenges in the healthcare market, where doctors are under strong regulatory pressure and patients demand the best-possible rapid and holistic care.

CWw Consulting develops solutions to unite healthcare providers from all industries and enable the best possible solutions for modern healthcare.


For the successful development of new business models and the implementation of innovations, we work together with all stakeholders in the healthcare system.
Pharmaceutical companies
Health insurance companies

Specialised in all areas concerning medicinal cannabis

For doctors, pharmacies and consumers.
On our platform "CannaMedizin", you can find out everything you need to know about medical cannabis. Our experts have collected all the important information there that you as a doctor, pharmacist or consumer should know.

From the current legal status to the effect, common indications, the right to care, prescription regulations, prescription forms, and eligibility for reimbursement by health insurance companies.
""We need approaches to the solutions that aren’t just arithmetic and additive but are in some sense logarithmic. This will require us to reach across historic boundaries and unlock the potential of collaboration across the usual disciplines."
– Jeffrey S. Flier, MD – Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Harvard University

What we do

Patient Empowerment

Patient-focused care and continuous exchange between all stakeholders is the future.

Innovation management

Identifying, validating and implementing digital innovations in business models is the key to success.

Educational Programs

Training and further education on current developments in the health sector form the foundation for the greatest possible compliance.

Business Development

The development of the digital age requires targeted measures for successful economic development.

Marketing & PR

Public perception and addressing the correct target group creates trust for both product and brand.

Cannabis as medicine

The legalisation of cannabis as medicine opens new possibilities for doctors, pharmacies and patients.


- Advice on politics, science, and industry
- Consolidating strategic decisions on access to the highly regulated market
- Economic value enhancement in line with ethical values
- Creative solutions for the constantly changing challenges of the digital age
- Optimisation of patient care
- Development and strengthening of personnel and management
- Innovation through transformation of internal and external processes
- Increasing efficiency along the healthcare value chain
- Implementation of digital technologies

Use of the chance the digital transformation provides.

We create the base for your values.