Business Development

Bring about change, increase performance.
Business Development

Adjust strategy, increase profitability.

Pharmaceutical companies as well as doctors and hospitals operate in an environment that is subject to enormous cost pressures, constant legal changes, and the ever-faster technological progress in digitalization.

CWw Consulting advises companies on the central task of digital transformation. By optimizing processes and developing a digital strategy, we help you to use the best technology for your needs. Our experienced consultants actively support you in the strategic planning of concepts and transfer them into operational practice through coordinated change management.

With individual training concepts as well as the introduction and application of agile project management methods, we enable you to make the best possible adjustments to your internal processes.

We support innovative start-ups in establishing effective and efficient business models for the healthcare industry, ensuring the necessary compliance and managing the establishment of the right governance. We help you achieve sustainable growth and increasing economic performance.

We assist you in meeting the high demands of a highly regulated market and in positioning yourself optimally in the rapidly changing healthcare sector. Our interdisciplinary team of specialists not only has many years of expertise in the healthcare sector but also has a wealth of knowledge and experience in other vertical industries.

Together with you, we develop market-oriented, strategic, and sustainable concepts in line with policy, giving you a long-term tactical advantage over your competitors.


New (digital) business models

Increasing compliance and adherence

Benchmarking and strategy development

Process optimisation and process execution

Brand development and market launch strategies

Cooperation management

Medical concepts and their implementation

Innovation and trend research