Innovation management

The digital transformation of the healthcare system
Innovation management

Shaping the healthcare industry of tomorrow

Digital transformation has also reached the health industry and is now dramatically changing the value chain we are used to. In the future, digital technologies will become increasingly important as a central component of information exchange between all players. However, due to the strong regulations and diverse stakeholders, the market penetration of good digital health services is only just beginning. Anyone who wants to play a successful role in shaping the future of this new, digital health system must not only recognize the opportunities offered by digitisation but actively use them.

Be it apps for prevention, diagnosis, and therapy, or topics such as big data, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, or Blockchain - almost all healthcare areas are experiencing a radical change through new digital technologies. In order to survive in the face of rapid technological progress and be able to seize economic opportunities, physicians, pharmacies, and companies must set the right course now. For pharmaceutical companies, it is essential to maintain an overview of the entire digital healthcare market in order to recognize trends and innovations early on and plan their implementation in a market-oriented manner.

In the past, patient wishes were been afforded sufficient consideration. Thanks to worldwide access to information, patients can now obtain educate themselves on a multitude of portals. Digital applications for the management of chronic diseases or preventive measures tend to be at the center of  patients' interests. It is therefore absolutely crucial to understand what patients really want. Due to the changing market, physicians, clinics, start-ups, and health insurance companies must design digital health applications for specific patient segments in a target-group-oriented manner and integrate them holistically into standard care. This creates an immense opportunity for new digital business models, as patients of all age groups will in the future primarily use digital health services. 

For this fundamental digital transformation of the healthcare system, CWw Consulting offers first-class personal consulting services by experienced experts in the healthcare and digital economy. We support you proactively in meeting your challenges with a comprehensive range of services and advise you on how to turn ideas into successful products and services.

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