Consulting services for all the players in the healthcare value chain.

Industries & services

Economic management and high-quality patient care are inseparable in the healthcare sector. We combine in-depth industry know-how and many years of experience in developing business models in a highly regulated market with an excellent network of decision-makers in politics, research, and business.

We offer individual advice and support for projects that cover the needs of all players in the healthcare market. Our goal is the development of economically successful business concepts for our clients that are in line with regulations, which expand access to innovative healthcare solutions and new products as well as providing an excellent patient experience, not only for today but also for the future.

Pharmaceutical companies

+ Development of new business models
+ Implementation of clinical studies
+ Market-introduction strategies
+ Benchmarking
+ On-the-job training for field service
+ Key account management
+ Opinion-leader management
+ Development of patient-support programs
+ Increasing compliance and adherence
+ PR consulting
+ Innovation and trend research

Doctors and clinics

+  New business models
+ Innovation management
+ Process optimization
+ Medical staff training
+ Management development
+ Leadership management
+ Cost control
+ Implementation of medical concepts to improve patient satisfaction
+ Data protection
+ Digital marketing including new technologies
+ New training programs on cannabis as medicine


+ Patient education in line with the digital change
+ Better prevention concepts
+ Patient-support programs for a better understanding of indications
+ Prevention models as a success factor for patients and health insurance companies
+ Popular scientific preparation of clinical pictures
+ Explanation of medication for specific target groups
+ Occupational health prevention
+ New information and advice on cannabis as medicine

Health insurance companies

+ Development of prevention models to improve patient healthcare, taking into account economic factors
+ Process optimization
+ Personnel training
+ Management development
+ Health recommendation for patients
+ PR strategies and marketing campaigns

Our strengths

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