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Educational training

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The health sector is booming and the demand for well-trained specialists steadily growing. At the same time, the complexity of medical care in physicians’ offices and clinics, as well as rehabilitation and care facilities, is constantly increasing due to rapid technological progress and the high workload of healthcare professionals.

Further training in the healthcare system forms the foundation for the greatest possible compliance of all those involved. In order to be optimally positioned for the digital transformation of the healthcare market and the development of patient-centered care, it is essential to expand specialist knowledge by adding decisive qualifications.

The experts at CWw Consulting offer individual training programs and advanced educational seminars to enable all the relevant stakeholders to keep up to date with the latest developments in the healthcare sector. We focus primarily on patient education programs in order to enable more efficient networking of all parties involved, that is to say physicians, the pharmaceutical industry, and pharmacies. In addition to staff training and leadership management, we offer training in holistic care concepts and new therapeutic options, such as medical cannabis. 
Our training courses for physicians and medical staff will familiarize you with the current requirements and legal regulations and show you how to integrate them into the operative procedures of your institution, thus improving the processes at work in your professional environment.


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