Patient Empowerment

Information and dialogue for better care
Patient Empowerment

Focus on the patient

All stakeholders in the health system agree: the patient must be at the centre of modern medicine.

However, patient focus requires cooperation and independence. We are committed to ensuring that the activities of all stakeholders in care management are even more strongly oriented towards the needs of patients. Patient support programs enable companies to set themselves apart from their competitors while at the same time making a decisive contribution to greater adherence and compliance. Simultaneously, they help reduce the physicians' workload and improve the patients' quality of life.

Successful and sustainable implementation of patient support programs, with measurable effects on the quality of care, requires a change in culture and appropriate management strategies. Early and comprehensible information and active involvement of patients creates security and increases therapy awareness. Complex treatments require continuous and targeted use of medication. Individual patient information creates trust and provides reassurance throughout the entire treatment period. This improves the quality of treatment and hence results in a higher level of trust and compliance on the part of the patient.

The aim is to ensure that the services offered, whether prevention or treatment of illnesses or aftercare, generate relevant benefits for each individual patient. In cooperation with you, we develop patient support programs that focus on the wishes and needs of patients and their relatives. Direct exchange between the pharmaceutical industry, physicians and patient representatives results in a much better understanding of the reality of care and the optimization therapies. More targeted patient care is our first and foremost aim.

Focus / topics

Patient education in line with digital transformation

Better prevention concepts and care experience

Patient-support programmes - for a better understanding of the indication

Prevention models as a success factor for patients and health insurance companies

Explanation of medications for specific target groups

Occupational health prevention

New information and advice on cannabis as medicine

Employee training for successful management strategies